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In the late 1980s and 1990s, many countries held multi-party elections for the first time. The main challenge facing the country is the lack of experience and knowledge. Although built with a commitment to ensure the electoral process runs independently, most election organizing institutions in these countries are unprepared, nor have the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to organize and guarantee credible elections. There is no similar method for designing and funding elections; practitioners and election organizers also do not have access to best practices, practical experience, and comparative knowledge.

Successive competitive elections over the years have allowed election organizers in many countries to accumulate valuable experience so that now they begin to spread it to others. The challenges faced by the organizers in their early years were ultimately no longer an issue. In fact, election organizers currently face questions about how to maintain stakeholders' trust in the credibility of the institution. The trust of stakeholders, and in particular the trust of the public and political parties in the process of organizing elections, is not only important for the election itself, but also for the credibility of the resulting government.

This Election Design Book seeks to answer these challenges from a practical point of view by gathering various experiences of organizing elections from different parts of the world, and presenting them in an easy-to-understand style. This book will discuss various types of models of organizing elections and issues regarding governance that may have an impact on decisions taken by election organizers. To that end, the book will cover the entire election cycle, not just the period approaching election days, and will discuss the importance of post-election audit and evaluation efforts.


Alan Wall, Andrew Ellis, Ayman Ayoub, Carl W. Dundas, Joram Rukambe, Sara Staino

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