Guidelines for Implementing Pick-Up Technology in Elections

Panduan Penerapan Teknologi Pungut-Hitung di Pemilu
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In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of elections as well as in the voting and counting systems of the world. Over the past few decades, there have been a wide variety of counting technologies available to election organizers, ranging from voting machines to voting transmission systems. Although initially criticized, various technologies are increasingly showing its ability to meet the high standards of need set by election stakeholders. Some of them, they can reduce fraud in elections and improve the accuracy of recapitulation of voting results. With the help of technology, election results can be provided for the public benefit in a faster and more detailed way. Therefore, the credibility of the election was increased.

On the contrary, some use of levy-counting technology brings negative effects. They instead increased the number of electoral disputes, reduced transparency and acceptability of voting results, abused trust, caused electoral violence and weakened the integrity of elections in general. Although it is unfortunate, but this negative impact at least provides valuable lessons for the future.

International IDEA has a long experience in collecting and transferring these lessons into general guidelines, principles and methods that can improve the quality of the election process. As an important next step towards successful use of electoral technology, these general principles need to be adapted and applied to the specific context of a country. This process will encourage domestic debate about which technologies are appropriate and acceptable to use. This kind of debate is very important because the counting technology often fails, not because of technical problems, but because of a lack of public and stakeholder support. []

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