The KPK, Polri, and DPR are Institutions that Students Don't Trust

KPK, Polri, dan DPR Jadi Lembaga yang Kurang Dipercaya Mahasiswa
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The Corruption Eradication Commission, the Republic of Indonesia Police, and the People's Representative Council are state institutions that students have little trust in. This is one of the findings from the results of a survey by the Research Center for Politics and Government (Pol-Gov) at Gajah Mada University (UGM). It is hoped that this knowledge can encourage connections between elections and election participants to be followed up in the elected government as a result of the election.

"This is a bit of a warning to the KPK, POLRI, and DPR. "This is a political year; I think it is important to evaluate that," said UGM Department of Government Politics (DPP) lecturer, Arya Budi, in releasing the results of the Student Political Preference Survey in the 2024 Election, Central Jakarta (26/9).

Among intermediary institutions, the election management branches, including the KPU, BAWASLU, and DKPP, received almost the same level of trust, around 56. Meanwhile, the DPR occupied the position with the lowest score, namely 40.61.

Responding to this, the Deputy Chair of Commission IX of the DPR, Nihayatul Wafiroh, said that perhaps the DPR's performance should be encouraged more. Nihayatul also added that further research is needed regarding effective approaches for young groups. Because young voters reached 56.45%, or around 113 million voters.

“The level of apathy is high; if the roof is empty, he will win. We are also worried; this means that parties and presidential candidates have not yet reached the student realm. "Campuses must fill their political education," he concluded. []