Employment is The Most Pressing Issue for Students

Lapangan Kerja Menjadi Isu Paling Mendesak bagi Mahasiswa
Image credit: rumahpemilu.org

The Research Center for Politics and Government (Pol-Gov) at Gajah Mada University (UGM) noted that the issue of job availability is the most pressing issue for the millennial group that future presidential candidates need to pay attention to. This was conveyed by UGM Department of Government Politics (DPP) Lecturer Arya Budi when releasing the results of the Student Political Preference Survey in the 2024 Election, Central Jakarta (26/9).

“Other public issues, such as law and education, are not that high (availability of jobs). "This is a message that we must convey, and hopefully the candidates will catch it," said Arya.

In the survey, almost half of the student respondents stated that the availability of job opportunities (47.30%) was the issue considered the most urgent for future presidential candidates to pay attention to. Other issues that are also considered urgent are law enforcement (20.66%) and education costs (13.71%).

The Pol-Gov survey was conducted from July 24 to August 7, 2023. The respondents were 719 students spread across 31 universities and 29 provinces in Indonesia. The sampling method uses chain referral sampling, also commonly known as snowball sampling.

According to Arya, in the upcoming 2024 elections, students are an important part of the young group. Apart from being a source of public attention, student preferences also influence other groups.

Efforts to reach students involve lecturers and researchers who teach at each target university, which is also part of the PolGov Research Center network. Academic networks at various universities and respondents can recruit other students as survey respondents. []