Social Media Determines the Empowerment of Young Voters

Media Sosial Menentukan Keberdayaan Pemilih Muda
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The integrity of the 2024 Election information on social media must be guaranteed. Information must not only be true and accurate but also transparent and ensure the integrity of election participants in conveying issues of interest to young voters. Election information with integrity will support sovereign voters as part of the requirements for democratic elections.

“Empowered voters or voters who are well informed, because information is the basis for making decisions. "Therefore, one voice must have meaning and have an impact," explained academician from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Titi Anggraini in a talk show series at the event "Collaboration between Bawaslu and Tiktok Indonesia to Encourage Integrity in the 2024 Election" at the Election Supervisory Agency Office ( Bawaslu), Central Jakarta (18/8).

Titi said that democratic elections have a number of requirements. The conditions are a democratic legal framework, professional and integrity election organizers, free and competitive political parties, fair and effective law enforcement, a professional and neutral bureaucracy, and most importantly an empowered electorate.

Titi added that youth is a modality. For members of the advisory board of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), generally this age group are social media users who are active in technology. If electoral information is not present in the media for young voters, the modality will be reduced.

"So we need to know the anatomy of our voters, which can actually be capital, to make elections meaningful, to produce public officials who have an impact through information," said Titi.

According to Titi, young people are relatively more open to discussing environmental issues, climate change, the impact of global warming, and the sustainability of the earth's future. According to him, this is what election participants should discuss.

"Over time, disinformation will be marginalized, eventually people will have a dialogue," concluded Titi.

The Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) and Tiktok Indonesia officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to maintain information on the 2024 Election with integrity. These two institutions hope that young voters and first-time voters can receive healthy election information, without hoaxes, slander and ethnic, religious, racial and inter-group (SARA) deviations. []